Tablet PC

Tablet PCA tablet PC is a fully functional, notebook sized PC that allows you to input data in several different ways. With a specialized version of Microsoft's Windows operating system a tablet PC becomes a writing pad that lets you handwrite text and drawings into the computer.

This custom version of Windows also has speech recognition capabilities that can convert your voice into text. So you can use either the pen or your voice or a standard keyboard and mouse to control the computer. Since some of the tablets don't come with a regular keyboard the OS also provides an on-screen keyboard that can be used for input.

Tablet PC Operating System Software

The tablet version of Windows includes a custom display mode for easier reading and the ability to switch back and forth from landscape to portrait display orientations.

Some of the tablet operating system customizations include:

  • Set for left- or right-hand use.
  • Calibrate the display based on how you hold the digital pen.
  • Change the screen orientation between landscape and portrait modes.
  • Set screen brightness, which affects power consumption.
  • Change the default settings of the hardware buttons on the tablet.
  • Change how a pen matches mouse movements, such as single-click, double-click, right–click, and hover.
  • Set handwriting-recognition language.

Custom software applications that are a part of the tablet version of Microsoft Windows include:

Journal - note taking software that converts handwriting to computer text

Input Panel - allows you to select and customize input options

Sticky Notes - the electronic equivalent of its paper counterpart

Tablet PC Hardware Options & Features

Tablet PC's are offered in both a convertible style that have a built-in keyboard and a slate style without a built-in keyboard.

Convertible Tablet Computer The convertible style can be used as either a tablet or a regular notebook PC.
The slate style without a built-in keyboard is generally smaller, lighter, and consequently easier to carry, making it more portable. Slate Tablet Computer
Docking Stations

Docking StationAdding a docking station to one of these computers gives you a system that is both highly portable and also capable of handling all of your computing requirements potentially eliminating the need for multiple machines.

Because the operating system used by tablets is a full blown version of Windows with enhancements for alternative input modes these computers are capable of running all of your normal desktop software applications. A docking station lets you use a full complement of peripherals including a full size monitor, keyboard and mouse, printers, and extra drives.

Mobility Features

Most Tablet PCs include built-in wireless connectivity so you can still be connected away from your desk.

Tablet Windows supports surprise hot docking so you can quickly grab your computer from its docking station and go.

Tablet computers weigh as little as three pounds or less making them ultra-mobile and light enough to carry with you everywhere you go.

Tablet PC's have high-power, ultra–low-voltage processors, combined with new battery technology and Windows XP power management features so you can use your Tablet PC away from your desk for longer periods of time.

Tablets can resume from Standby mode in about five seconds so you can save power when you aren't using your computer without sacrificing time when you're ready to use it again.

Rugged Tablet PC

HP makes a rugged tablet computer that provides wireless computing in extreme conditions. Able to resist shock, dust, rain, and heat, the HP Rugged Tablet PC allows you to work in any environment, without compromising your wireless connection or data.

Currently Available Tablet Computers

You can find what is currently available in a Tablet PC in our Online Computer Store.

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